Manufacturer Of Cheap And PVC Coated Fiberglass Screen

Aug. 13, 2018

Wu Qiang Superstar Fiberglass Products is manufacturer of cheap and PVC Coated Fiberglass Screen. It is weaved with PVC coated fiberglass yarns. Fiberglass Window Screen Mesh is one of our products, suitable for fixed window and roll-up window systems. We can do soft mesh and stiff mesh for this function.

Wu Qiang Superstar is framed with 2" x 2" architectural grade aluminum with a wet painted shell for a durable and consistent finish. The Wu Qiang Superstar runs on maintenance free tracks, independent but similar to your primary garage door tracks. Wu Qiang Superstar's spring loaded counterbalance system makes it effortless to open and close the Fiberglass Screen and eliminates the headache of an electric opener. Wu Qiang Superstar's optional doorwithin-a-door feature allows for easy entry and exit. When in use, the Wu Qiang Superstar occupies the same position as your primary garage door. No other garage screen offers Wu Qiang Superstar's broad range of features. Bottom line is, your search for a garage screen system that will give you many years of trouble free service ends here. Wu Qiang Superstar is the only garage screen for you.

 PVC Coated Fiberglass Screen

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