How To Choose Window Screen Mesh?

Nov. 09, 2018

There are many types of screens, but in the end there are three main types: Fiberglass Invisible Screen, roller blinds, traditional monolithic screens, different types of screens are available at different prices, and the difference in construction and screens can also affect the price.

The choice of screens first depends on the Window Screen Mesh . The yarns are also imported from domestic and imported. Most of the imported screens are made of chemical fiber. The domestic ones are made of glass fiber, and some are made of plastic. The imported window screen can be rubbed and rubbed without tens of thousands of times. The domestic glass fiber can only withstand thousands of times, and the plastic Mosquito Mesh is easy to expand and contract, and the probability of deformation is very large, so the imported window screen is selected properly. Look at the screen screen to see if the eye hole is uniform, such as whether the shape is neat, whether the thickness of the yarn is uniform; finally, touch the screen screen by hand, the hand feels slightly scraped, the quality is better like ironing with iron, the general domestic Fiberglass Window Screen Mesh comparison soft.

The construction of the screen window is also one of the important factors determining the price.

Window Screen Mesh

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