Nylon Screen Mesh And Fiberglass Invisible Screen, Which Is Easy To Use

Aug. 27, 2018

Fiber is generally used on invisible screens, nylon yarns are used on ordinary screens, stainless steel yarns are also available, but it is not recommended for home use, the price is more expensive, and the cleaning is not convenient, the effect is no different, and the Fiberglass Invisible Screen is better than the roller blinds. Double, folding is the upgrade product of roller blinds. The folding is more windproof than the roller blinds. It is light and easy to damage!

Common window screens are glass fiber yarn, polyester yarn and Taiwan SPL yarn. Both the glass fiber yarn and the polyester yarn are plain weave yarns. Now we are using glass fiber flat weaving yarn. Fiberglass Window Screen Mesh : Fiberglass material is certain flame retardant effect, strong anti-aging ability, strong weather resistance, and little change in physical properties. At present, most screens use this material.

Fiberglass Invisible Screen

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