3 Features Of Fiberglass Mesh

Aug. 31, 2018

The main material of Fiberglass Mesh Window Screen is made up of a bundle of glass fiber filaments and coated with PVC plastic. The weaving process is made by glass fiber monofilament coating process, plain weaving, heating and shaping, and finished product cutting. Fiberglass Screen Mesh are widely used in high-end office buildings, residential buildings and various buildings, livestock farms, orchards, etc. They are the best protection products for insects and mosquitoes. So what are its characteristics? 

1. Long service life The primary feature of Fiberglass Mesh is the long service life. That is because it has many advantages such as anti-aging, anti-cold, anti-inflammatory, anti-drying, anti-moisture, anti-ultraviolet, flame retardant, anti-static, good light transmission, no silk, no deformation, and strong tensile strength. These determine that it is not easily damaged under non-artificial factors, and we can use it for a long time. 

2, The scope of application Wide range of Fiberglass Window Screen is very wide, it can be directly installed on the window frame, wood, steel, aluminum, plastic doors and windows can be assembled; also has corrosion resistance, high strength, anti-aging, good fire performance Features, and it does not need to be colored with paint, it is a non-toxic and tasteless window screen, it will not cause any harm to our health, and can be used with confidence. 

3, Good sealing performance, Fiberglass Screen Mesh are very beautiful in appearance and extremely rigorous in structure. The whole window screen is made of glass fiber monofilament coated flat weaving yarn. The rest of the materials are finished by PVC plastic once and assembled separately. It solves the problem that the gap between the traditional screen window and the window frame is too large and the sealing is not strict. It is safe and beautiful, and has a good sealing effect, which can give you absolute hidden space.

Fiberglass Mesh

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