WuQiang Superstar Heavy Duty Fiberglass Screen Mesh

Aug. 10, 2018

Screen is available in a variety of materials, but aluminum and fiberglass are by far the most common. Specialty screening includes extra-heavy pet-resistant screen; screen that blocks as much as 90% of solar-heat gain; and noncorroding bronze, monel (an alloy of nickel and copper), or stainless steel for coastal installations. Prices range from about 17¢ per sq. ft. for fiberglass to as much as $5 per sq. ft. for monel.

Standard Fiberglass Insect Screen is made from vinyl-coated fiberglass threads in charcoal and silver gray. It won’t crease like aluminum screening, but it's more opaque. It’s also more flexible and, therefore, easier to install in an aluminum frame with a spline or in one of the proprietary screen-framing systems.

Some sun-control and pet screening is made from vinyl-coated polyester, which is stronger and heavier than fiberglass.

Heavy Duty Fiberglass Screen Mesh is a premium quality mesh made from a sturdy .013" (.33 mm) diameter thread for additional strength. Wu Qiang Superstar Fiberglass Invisible Screen is ideal for screened-in patios, pool enclosures, screen rooms, large windows, and anywhere else an extra wide screen material is required. A good choice for institutional use. Superstar Heavy Duty Window Screen Mesh will not rust, corrode, shrink or bend out of shape, and will remain attractive for years.

Fiberglass Screen Mesh

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