Main Points Of Use Of Mesh Insect Screen In Sun Shade Greenhouses

Aug. 04, 2018

Summer vegetables are cultivated in the arch shed, and shade nets and mesh Insect Screen are essential. The sun shade net shall be installed on the iron wire 2 meters high above the ground in the arch shed, and the mesh insect screen shall be placed at a height of 50 cm at both ends of the arch shed. The use of the two networks has played an active and useful role in reducing the temperature inside the shed and avoiding the invasion of pests.

Sun shade net shed vegetable summer sunshade net should pay attention to two points:

1.The sun shade net device is placed in the arch shed instead of covering the outside of the shed film like the shed. Practice has proved that the sunshade net is installed in the arch shed, which can make the air convection better, the cooling effect is better, and it is easy to operate.

2.2. Select shade nets of different colors according to the variety of vegetables. There are several types of shade nets: black, white, silver and gray. The black shade net is suitable for vegetables with weak light requirements. The white shade net is suitable for light vegetables. The silver gray shade net has the effect of avoiding disease and preventing disease. In addition, the black shade net is covered at noon on sunny days, and it should be removed in time, sooner or later. Sunny days are usually covered from 9:00 am and released at 3 pm.

sun shade net

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