Repair A Torn Fiberglass Screen

Nov. 03, 2018

If you are fed up with all the mosquitoes buzzing around your head and keeping you awake all night, how about repairing the Window Screen Mesh ? Patches will be observable and can seem a little tacky, so when the tear is large or the display is in an extremely visible area, replace the whole screen. Otherwise, take 20 minutes and simply patch the hole.

Window Screen Manufacturer will teach you teach you how to repair the screen.

1. Cut out the hole

Cut a square hole round the tear with a straightedge and sharp utility knife. Maintain the gap as little as possible and leave at 1/2 in. Of old Fiberglass Screen beside the metallic framework.

2. Glue onto the patch

Cut a patch of Fiberglass Invisible Screen which can lap 1/2 in. Over every border. Lay wax paper below the window screen to keep the glue from sticking to the workbench. Center the patch above the hole, use a bead of adhesive around the hole, and spread the paste through the window and patch display employing a flat wooden pole.

Fiberglass Screen

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