How To Replace A Tight Fiberglass Screen 2

Oct. 31, 2018

In the last article, we introduced you to the first 6 steps of how to replace the Fiberglass Window Screen. In this article, we will continue to introduce you to the other 8 steps.

7. Cut the middle of every corner of this new screening in a 45 degree angle by means of a set of scissors. Do not cut beyond in which the Fiberglass Screen fits in the grooves.

8. Be certain that the Fiberglass Window Insect Screen is level over the framework, and put the spline above the grooved edge at the same corner. Press it into the groove with your thumb.

9. Roll the spline into the groove starting at one corner and then moving all of the way into another with the curved end of a spline roller. Hold the display tight with one hand as you roll together with all the other so there are not any bumps or ripples from the substance.

10. Roll on the spline an additional time with the grooved end of the spline roller, then cut off the surplus spline along with your scissors.

11. Be certain that the Mesh Insect Screen rotates the borders of their unsecured sides, and pull it tight. Add the spline in the groove in the corner opposite the initial one.

12. Press the spline into a single corner with your thumb and replicate rolling it into position with all the spline roller.

13. Continue pressing on the spline set up and rolling across the other two sides before all sides of the display been pressed and fastened with spline. Since the spline brings the display material to the groove, you'll observe that the display gets tighter. Be certain it isn't too tight that it warps the framework. Frequently the Fiberglass Invisible Screen will create ripples if it's too tight. If you become aware of that, remove the spline and then re-position the display to start again.

14. Eliminate the surplus display in the borders by running a utility knife along outside border of the spline, then replace the Fiberglass Screen Mesh on your window or doorway. 

Fiberglass Screen

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