The Development History Of Fiberglass Screen Mesh

Aug. 24, 2018

Ancient Chinese people had created so many screen mesh with their hardworking hands and intelligence on this land, and the industry of screen mesh appeared after years of operation. Fiberglass Screen Mesh, as its name implies, is the combination of screen and mesh where screen is mainly made of metal or non-metal materials, whereas mesh is made of silk, and woven into meshes of different shapes, density and specifications according to specific needs. Screen mesh is the generalization of a type of silk fabrics, also known as Window Screen Netting, which is made of chemical fibers, natural silk, and metal silk with certain weaving techniques. Screen cloth is widely applied in industry, agriculture, technology and national defense. It is involved in cutting-edge technology and high-tech industry, as well as our everyday life and cultural life, which is synchronized with national economy and closely related to people’s livelihood. It is mainly used in: Aviation, spaceflight, printing, dyeing, electronics, mining, pharmaceutics, food, food processing and chemical engineering. Four functions of Fiberglass Window Screen: Screening, filtering, printing and fixing. 

Fiberglass Screen Mesh

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