3 Tips For Fiberglass Invisible Screen Selection

Sep. 12, 2018

At present, the Fiberglass Invisible Screen on the market are basically divided into three categories: one is a traditional single-screen screen. It is very economical and practical, but the common problems are poor sealing, poor aesthetics and inconvenient cleaning. The second is rolling shutters, invisible screens or Retractable Window Screen. If it is idle, it can be rolled up to save space, but the whole is not simple enough. The reels and guide rails damage the structure of the window to some extent. The quality deviation often affects the service life due to the problem of the reel. In addition, the roller screen window is very inconvenient to remove and clean; the third is the magnetic screen screen imported from abroad, which is simple in shape, easy to disassemble, easy to clean, and does not damage the window structure. It has good sealing performance and is flat and smooth after installation. However, the price reason makes it impossible to promote the use, and there is also the problem of degaussing.

When purchasing Window Screen Netting, in addition to paying attention to the sealing property, the problem often arises that the guide rail is rough and the push-pull is inconvenient. To purchase roller blinds, one must pay attention to the reel of the roller blinds. Second, pay attention to whether the Fiberglass Screen is tight, especially in the lateral direction. In short, everything starts from the actual needs, according to the specific circumstances to rational design, safe installation!

Fiberglass Invisible Screen

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