A Brief History of the Window Screen

Apr. 20, 2020

Light bulbs, telephones, cars, and phonographs are among the greatest inventions of the 19th century. But what about the simple and often overlooked window screens? Before the hot weather during the Civil War, it meant either closing the doors and windows of the house or opening the doors and windows to expose residents to wasps, flies, mosquitoes and a series of potential infectious diseases. In this article, China window screen factory will briefly discuss the history of window screens.

Window Screen

Early history

Sometimes cover windows with cheesecloth to prevent insects. Because the weave is loose, the air can circulate, but it is easily torn, quickly stained, and invisible from the inside. Metal window advertisements began to appear in the 1920s and 1930s, but this idea was not realized. It was the outbreak of the Civil War that made screens a household word (and necessity).

Gilbert and Bennett, a Connecticut-based company that manufactures screens, are often considered the inventors of modern window screens. The company's business was affected during the civil war because they could no longer sell products in the southern states. An enterprising employee had an idea to change history-paint the wire cloth to prevent rust, and then sell it as a window screen. This idea became popular, and the company made production line cloth as its main business. The homeowner would buy wire cloth and nail it to the wooden door and window frame they built. Later, the company introduced a non-rusting steel wire.

In 1868, Bayley and McCluskey applied for a patent for a railway car screen, which helped prevent sparks, cinders, and dust from entering the car.

Screens not only make the house more comfortable but also directly affect health because they keep disease-carrying insects away from the house. Over time, the incidence of these diseases has declined dramatically. The window screens in this area are considered to be so important that the Boy Scouts and other volunteer organizations will help the community install and maintain the screens.

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