Advantages of Fiberglass Invisible Screen

Aug. 09, 2019

Window Screen Mesh Supplier to share with you the advantages of Fiberglass Invisible Screen.

1. Beautiful appearance and rigorous structure. The entire screen of Fiberglass Insect Screen is made of glass-coated flat weave (also known as a monofilament-coated plain weave). The rest of the material is made of PVC (aluminum alloy) and is assembled separately to solve traditional window screens and window frames. The problem is that the gap is too large and the sealing is not strict, and it is safe and beautiful to use and has a good sealing effect.

2. Easy to use and store. The Fiberglass Invisible Screen can be automatically rolled up or moved with the window; the four seasons do not need to be disassembled, which not only facilitates the preservation of the window screen but also prolongs the service life and saves your precious storage space, thus solving the traditional window lighting. Bad and difficult to store.

Fiberglass Insect Screen

Fiberglass Insect Screen

3. Wide application range. Directly installed in the window frame, wood, steel, aluminum, plastic doors, and windows can be assembled; corrosion resistance, high strength, anti-aging, fire resistance, no paint coloring.

4. Fiberglass Insect Screen is non-toxic and tasteless.

5. With anti-static function, no ash, good ventilation.

6. Good light transmission and a true invisible effect.

7. Automatic filter and UV protection to protect the health of the whole family.

8. Anti-aging has a long service life and reasonable design.

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