The Differences Between Alkali-Resistant Fiberglass Mesh And Fiberglass Screen

Jun. 27, 2018

Fiberglass mesh is constructed from a number of forms fiberglass, and it's a performance inorganic vera materials and has quite a few types. Wuqiang Superstar provides common kinds of ceramic products covering fiberglass mesh, fiberglass insect screen application scope, fiberglass insect screen normal specification, shade net.

Fiberglass net has tensile strength, little elongation (3 percent ), higher elasticity and rigidity, high shock resistance, excellent chemical resistance, little water absorbent, the scale equilibrium, heat resistance are great, very low price, not simple burn off and forming glassy beads in elevated temperatures.Alkali-resistant fiberglass mesh is commonly utilized in strengthening walls, natural marble, plaster board, synthetic rock materials and exterior insulation finishing system.

Fiberglass screen is principally used as fiberglass insect display or sunshade cloths for patio and pool. Additionally, it can be made into window display for door or window protector, pet display, fiberglass reinforced geogrid cloths, fiberglass solar display as well as other types for a broad selection of applications. Additionally, it can produced to fiberglass mesh bag used for date palm protection contrary to the tiniest insect.

Wuqiang Superstar is prepared to give the maximum quality merchandise along with the outstanding support to our clients. These products are trusted with overseas clients and then broadly sold in over 40 countries and areas, including Europe, America, Japan, the Middle East, Africa, South Korea, and Australia. You can also contact us through

The Differences Between Alkali-Resistant Fiberglass Mesh And Fiberglass Screen

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