The Development Market Of Fiberglass Mesh

Dec. 26, 2018

The Fiberglass Mesh industry will also develop. The foreign research report predicts that the total consumption of composite materials in the glass fiber market in the next five years will continue to maintain a strong growth rate of 63% of the compound annual average growth rate (CAGR). Statistics show that China's glass fiber composites continue to grow rapidly, but at present China's Fiberglass Invisible Screen is still in low-cost, low-efficiency operation. The anti-dumping lawsuits initiated by the EU, India, Turkey and other countries have brought many considerations to our development. We should sum up the lessons learned and continue to adjust and innovate along the direction of controlling total volume, improving technology and quality, strengthening division of labor and cooperation, deepening processing and application development, and achieving scientific development.

Fiberglass Mesh Manufacturer analysis of any material is faced with the need to improve performance while it meets the requirements of economic development with basic performance. After the glass fiber is formed into an industrial category mainly by E (alkali-free) glass fiber, it also faces higher requirements in terms of strength modulus, temperature resistance, electrical properties, corrosion resistance and more sustainable development. With the industrial modernization process in the world, the development of glass fiber industry itself and its expanding application in the past 50 years and 60 years, the improvement of the functionality of glass fiber has become a hot spot in the development of the industry.

Fiberglass Mesh

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