How To Enhance The Tearing Strength Of Fiberglass Plain Weave Screen

Feb. 16, 2019

Fiberglass Plain Weave Screen embrace single fiberglass yarn that's coated by plastic resin are formed following weaving and thermosetting. They have the advantages of good ventilation, anti-UV performance, environmental protection, easy to clean, long service life, heavy-duty corrosion protection and fire retardance, etc. Being quality products, Fiberglass Window Screen is widely used in living rooms, ecological agriculture, outdoor swimming pools, gardens, orchards, pastures and so forth to prevent insects, resist natural disasters and ultraviolet rays. In recent years, with the continuous improvement of the processing machinery and automation level of the downstream users of the window screen, users demand more of fiberglass plain weave window screens, such as thinner, harder and more environmentally friendly. However, many of Fiberglass Screen in the current market, have large color chromatic aberration and poor tear strength. 

Fiberglass Plain Weave Screen

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