Essentials of Vegetable Covering Insect Nets

Mar. 28, 2020

Covering fast-growing leafy vegetables with insect nets can prevent pests without pesticides, thereby greatly reducing pesticide residues in vegetables. In order to achieve a good insect-proof effect, the following technical points should be mastered when covering insect-proof nets.

1. Select a suitable insect net. The 20-32 mesh insect-proof net with a wire diameter of 0.18 mm should be used.

2. The height of the arch shed should be higher than the height of the crops. Otherwise, the vegetable leaves should be close to the insect-proof nets.

Fiberglass Insect Mesh

3. Implement full-period coverage. The insect-proof net can block light, but not much light, so it is not necessary to cover day or night or cover overcast. When watering, you can directly pour water on the insect screen, and no seedling phenomenon will occur. Due to the full coverage, soil disinfection and chemical weed control must be performed before covering the net to kill the germs and pests remaining in the soil and cut off the spread of pests and weeds.

4. The perimeter of the insect net is tightly closed to prevent adult pests from infiltrating the eggs. The surrounding area should be compacted, and the arch frame should be tightened with a pressing wire to prevent the wind from blowing off the net.

5. Increase temperature and decrease humidity in time. When the temperature is particularly high, increase the number of times of water supply, maintain the humidity in the network, and reduce the temperature.

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