Experts Teach You How To Choose A Good Screen 2

May. 24, 2019

As a Fiberglass Screening Supplier, we continue to teach you how to choose Fiberglass Insect Mesh.

Third, look at the design

A good product is qualified, but also depends on how the designer designs, if the design is not appropriate, the installation master is not easy to install. Originally the screen can be done beautifully, very easy to use, due to design problems. The installation master can only find a way to make up, and the installation will definitely not achieve results. Therefore, when measuring, you should take a closer look. There are no obstacles, there are problems. At that time, I have to find a solution, and I have to solve it.

Fourth, look at color and thickness

The main profiles of Fiberglass Insect Mesh are mostly sprayed aluminum alloys, commonly known as color aluminum, and there are many colors. You can choose the color that is exactly the same as your own window or you want to be close to it. The color should be even and smooth.

Fiberglass Insect Mesh

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