Experts Teach You How To Clean The Screens 1

May. 09, 2019

The dust and oil accumulated on the screens in the whole year can be quite a lot. If the dust is not cleaned, the air circulation will not be smooth, but how to clean it is a problem. As a Window Screen Mesh Manufacturer, we teach you a few ways to clean the screens quickly and easily!

Newspaper cleaning method

a. remove the screen window and lay it flat on the ground;

b. Spread 2 layers of newspaper on the screen window;

c. Gently brush the cleaned detergent with a brush to make the newspaper soaked. It is best to brush a few layers and the decontamination effect is better;

d. After the newspaper has dried up, it will be uncovered and the dirt and dust will be absorbed.

Tips: The newspaper has a strong adsorption capacity, penetrates with a strong detergent, and then airs. This method does not need to occupy more places, nor does it make the floor wet, which is very convenient.

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