What Are the Features of Fiberglass Insect Screen?

Aug. 15, 2019

As a Top Window Screen Manufacturer, let's talk about the features of Fiberglass Insect Screen.

1. Long service life. Excellent weather resistance, anti-aging, anti-cold, anti-inflammatory, anti-drying, anti-moisture, flame retardant, anti-moisture, anti-static, good light transmission, no silk, no deformation, anti-UV, strong tensile strength, service life Long advantages.

2. A wide range of applications. Fiberglass Insect Screen is directly mounted on the window frame, and all doors and windows can be assembled; corrosion resistance, high strength, anti-aging, and fire resistance.

3. Non-toxic and tasteless.

4. Fiberglass Insect Screen uses glass fiber filaments for fire retardant.

5. With anti-static function, no ash and good ventilation.

Fiberglass Invisible Screen

Fiberglass Invisible Screen

6. Fiberglass Invisible Screen has good light transmission performance and has a true invisible effect.

7. Automatically filter and protect against UV rays to protect the health of the whole family.

8. Anti-aging, long service life, reasonable design, and use.

9. Green and environmental protection: It does not contain chlorine fluoride which is harmful to the atmosphere. It meets the requirements of ISO14001 international environmental protection certification, so it will not cause any harmful pollution to the human body.

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