Fiberglass Insect Screen cleaning method

Oct. 25, 2019

  The dust and oil accumulated on the screens in the whole year can be quite a lot. If the air is not cleaned regularly, the air circulation is not smooth, but how to clean it is a problem. As a Window Screen Mesh Manufacturer, you can teach several ways to clean the screens quickly and easily!

  <1> newspaper paper cleaning

  1. Remove the Fiberglass Insect Screen and lay it flat on the ground;

  2. Spread 2 layers of newspapers on the screen window;

  3. Gently brush the cleaned detergent with a brush to make the newspaper soak. It is best to brush a few layers and the decontamination effect is better;

  4. After the newspaper has dried up, it will be uncovered and the dirt and dust will be absorbed.

Fiberglass Insect Screen cleaning method

Fiberglass Insect Screen

  Tips: The newspaper has a strong adsorption capacity, penetrates with a strong detergent, and then airs. This method does not need to occupy more places, nor does it make the floor wet, which is very convenient.

  <2> Cleaning agent Washing

  1. First remove the fiberglass window screen;

  2, the amount of soapy water, washing powder and water is 2:1;

  3. Rinse with a water pipe, or place the screen window in the place of drainage, against the wall, and rinse with water sprayer;

  4. Then gently brush with soapy water on the brush;

  5. By the way, wipe the aluminum edge of the screen window with a damp towel and soapy water;

  6. Finally, clean the soap foam with a water pipe or a watering can and dry it.

  Tip: The pressure of the watering can is small, the damage to the screen window is smaller than that of the water pipe, and the cleaning is more detailed.

  <3>Dust cleaner cleaning

  1. The screen window that has been removed is placed on a towel or newspaper;

  2. Clean the dust and impurities with the vacuum cleaner next to the yarn surface;

  3, after washing, gently wipe with a towel dipped in water.

  <4> Screens in the living room, bedroom or bathroom, usually dust and impurities, can be cleaned up by the above method, unlike the kitchen which is heavy in oil fume, it is necessary to strengthen the cleaning of cleaning agents such as flour paste and edible alkali.

  Paste paste

  1. Flour and water are mixed in a ratio of 2:1, and after being evenly mixed, they are applied to the screen window;

  2. After the flour is dried, brush it off.

  Food alkaline water cleaning

  1. After mixing the edible alkali and hot water in a ratio of 2:1, stir evenly;

  2. Brush the screen with a toothbrush or a small brush;

  After 3 minutes, wipe it off with a damp cloth.

  Tips: The kitchen screens are very oily and cleaned with edible alkaline water. The effect is particularly good.

  <5>Break hole repair

  When I was washing the screen, I found a hole in it. What should I do? Not as good as this, if the top is a small hole, you can also use nail polish. Wipe the hole around it, just like the sweetness introduced before, take nail polish to make up the stockings, the effect is good.

  If the hole is large, it is too ugly to dispose of the adhesive tape. Only professionals can change the yarn. Our company has Insect Window Screen, welcome to come to consult.

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