The Development Of The Fiberglass Invisible Screen Industry 2

Dec. 14, 2018

What is the continuous development of the Fiberglass Invisible Screen industry? In the past 30 years since the development of China's invisible screens, the four major sectors that have been formed, namely the Pearl River Delta,  Sichuan Chengdu, and the Bohai Sea, have become more saturated. Following the continuous development of coastal areas, enterprises face a series of bottlenecks that restrict the development of enterprises, such as scarcity of land, rising labor costs, increased logistics costs, and the environment. In the western Sichuan and other places, the development of Fiberglass Invisible Screen Manufacturer with nearly saturated capacity is also frequently looking for new opportunities. The transformation of coastal Fiberglass Mesh enterprises needs to reduce the scale requirement of the invisible screens enterprises in the western file cabinets, making the central part that has been quiet for a long time become the strategic location of the Chinese invisible screen window industry.

In the next few years, under the background of the continuous transfer of the international invisible screen window industry and the transformation of the invisible screen window industry in the sea, a new Window Screen Mesh will be launched. 'Industry speculation. And this carrier must have the following 'traits': there are sufficient sustainable land resources, a key central area of transportation, abundant labor resources, a promising city vision, and a far-sighted view of the government.

Fiberglass Invisible Screen

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