Fiberglass Invisible Screen Installation Steps

Jul. 13, 2019

Fiberglass Net Supplier to explain the installation steps of Fiberglass Invisible Screen.

Step 1: Assemble the square box

Place the yarn box on the top, the two wind grooves are placed at the top of the yarn box, and the bottom of the bottom is placed at the bottom to form a square frame. Then use six screws, two separate from the local area where the yarn box and the two wind troughs are touched, four separate from the two wind troughs and the bottom of the bottom touch, put two on one side, put these two screws one by one On the bottom side, one on the side. After fixing the square frame with these six screws, you can proceed to the next step.

Fiberglass Invisible Screen

Step 2: Select the orientation of the screen

Next, you can place the Fiberglass Invisible Screen in the local area of the demand device. The requirement is that the yarn box should be straight; the two wind grooves should be placed in the middle, and the spacing between the two ends of the window frame should be the same, so that the arrangement is symmetrical; the bottom of the bottom cannot be placed directly on the window frame, and should be placed low. The frame below the window is approximately 5 cm in orientation. When these points have been determined, it is ok to use a clip to fix it.

The third step: drilling, fixing the invisible screen

Next, use the electric drill, the inner side of the strip of the window frame, the hole in the direction of the two wind troughs and the bottom of the bottom. When using the electric drill, the 3.2mm drill bit is most suitable. The number of holes is based on the needs of each, and 6-14 can be used. Finally, in the direction of the hole, the screws on the device, China Fiberglass Invisible Screen is installed.

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