Fiberglass Screen Used For Preventing From Insects And Mosquitoes

Dec. 28, 2018

Fiberglass Screen is also be called invisible window screen and PVC plastic screen. The material of this fiberglass screen are fiberglass and PVC. It's made of fiberglass nets or the  similar non-woven products. Fiberglass Window Screen Mesh production line has been imported from the USA in the entire year of 1998. The item is created throughout the plain weave following washing filaments coated craft from the manufacturing line. It's noncombustible, not rust, no rust or blot but economical and lightweight. It's good venting and sealing performance, long service life and easy touching appreciating the qualities of both anti-corrosion retardant, easy to wash, with no deformation. It's commonly utilized in various ventilation centers at the buildings, pastures, orchards for preventing insects and mosquitoes.

Knitting and craft of Window Screen Mesh: fiberglass filaments coated craft, plain weave, heating, and forming made.

Fiberglass Screen

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