Fiberglass VS Polyester Screen- Is It Worth the Extra Cost? 1

Jan. 30, 2019

Fiberglass Screen has become the most typical type of display used for enclosures, however, polyester display has a lot of benefits. Since polyester display is more expensive, the question becomesis the distinction worth the excess price? Either type serves a goal and, based upon your objectives, might be the ideal Fiberglass Window Screen for your property.

Polyester mesh is incredibly strong. In fact, it’s over 100% stronger than standard American-made Fiberglass Net . According to information published online by Super Screen, a brand of polyester screen, the warp tensile strength of fiberglass screen is only 78.8 pounds force, while that of their product is 112.5 lbf. They list the warp tear strength as 14.0 lbf and the fill tear strength of fiberglass screen as 9.9 lbf, but Super Screen as 31.5 lbf for warp and 27.2 lbf for fill. The ball burst strength of Super Screen is also impressive at 188 lbs, compared to only 61 lbs. for fiberglass screen. Ultra-Screen, another polyester screen, has 141.6 tensile warp strength, 151.8 tensile fill strength, and 268.0 psi burst strength.

Fiberglass Screen

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