Fiberglass Window Screen becomes a user baby

Oct. 16, 2019

  Screens are a type of gauze used in conjunction with curtains. There are many types of screens, such as textile screens, fiberglass screens, etc. The advantages and disadvantages of different types of screens are different. Fiberglass Window Screen is a common window screen. It is made of fiberglass, PVC, etc., and then processed and processed. Glass fiber window screen is a kind of green window screen. It has a long service life and good light transmission and gas permeability. Therefore, the use of fiberglass window screen is relatively wide.

  The so-called invisible screen window is not that the screen window itself is transparent or invisible, but that the gauze can be concealed at the window frame by means of pushing and pulling, for example, the gauze can be folded and can be rolled into the reel. Invisible screens are generally mounted close to the sash of the house, functioning similar to traditional screens, but invisible screens have an advantage over traditional screens.

Fiberglass Window Screen

Fiberglass Window Screen Mesh

  First of all, the shape is beautiful and the structure is rigorous. The whole window screen is made of glass wool coated flat weaving yarn. The rest of the materials are made of PVC profiles and assembled separately. It solves the problem that the gap between the traditional screen window and the window frame is too large and the sealing is not strict. It is safe and beautiful to use and sealed. The effect is good.

  At the same time, it is more convenient to use storage. Fiberglass Window Screen Mesh can be rolled up or moved with the window, no need to disassemble for four seasons, easy to save, and can extend the service life. It is reported that the life of invisible screens is 8 to 10 times longer than that of ordinary screens, which saves storage space and solves the problems of poor lighting and storage of traditional screens.

  In addition, the invisible screen window has a wide application range and can be directly installed on the window frame, and wood, steel, aluminum, plastic and other doors and windows can be assembled. The invisible screen the window has strong corrosion resistance, strong anti-aging, good fireproof performance, no need for paint coloring, non-toxic and tasteless, and is also favored by the public.

  According to reports, invisible screens have appeared in Fiberglass Window Screen China for several years. Invisible screens are generally calculated by area, the quality is different, the price is different, generally about 50~100 yuan per square meter, therefore, the price of a common window and screen window It ranges from 100 to 200 yuan. Compared with traditional screens, the price of invisible screens is not much higher, which is acceptable to most people. Therefore, with the advantages of quality and price, invisible screens are gradually entering thousands of households and becoming the new favorite of the public.

  How to choose invisible screens with good quality and low price, first look at the profiles. Nowadays, the invisible screens on the market mainly include aluminum alloy and plastic steel profiles. The main market for plastic steel profiles is engineering. The aluminum alloy profile market is divided into engineering and home improvement. The warranty period for the engineering screens is about 2 years, and the warranty period of the home screens will be longer. It is recommended that the owner choose an aluminum alloy profile.

  At the same time, you should pay attention to the gauze, frame, and other materials of the screen window. A poor quality glass fiber gauze can only withstand thousands of push-pulls, while a plastic gauze is prone to thermal expansion and contraction, and the probability of deformation is large. It is recommended to purchase high-quality chemical fiber gauze as much as possible. This gauze can be pushed and pulled by tens of thousands of times without being deformed. The screen frame should not be too thin, because it is less than 1.0mm, it may be deformed after five or six months, which affects normal use. Open type If you enter the dust, the operation will be poor, it is best to buy fully enclosed and silent. Screens are generally invisible. You can use the hand-drawing to see the rewind effect before buying. Try to be flexible. If the rewind is too loose, don't buy it.

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