Fiberglass Window Screen Installation Method

Sep. 26, 2019

As a Fiberglass Insect Screen Factory, let's share the installation method of Fiberglass Window Screen.

1. If the window screen is originally installed, press the window screen directly into the card slot with a bead to fix it. If the invisible screen or nylon yarn is pressed, the window screen cannot be pulled too tightly, so as not to wear the window screen. Of course, stainless steel gauze does not have this problem.

Second, if there is no screen window, you can use Velcro from the sticky screen;

Fiberglass Window Screen

Fiberglass Window Screen

Installation steps:

1. Clean the surface of the form to keep it dry and clean. Then stick the adhesive on the Fiberglass Window Screen. Do not pull it too tight. The form can be stainless steel, steel, glass, ceramic, etc., as long as the surface is smooth. Can be perfectly fitted.

2. The surface of the matte surface is glued to the four sides of the gauze, and then reinforced with a stapler; the matte surface is not backed and is directly sewn on the four sides of the gauze.

Note: The Velcro's adhesive should not touch the dust as much as possible, otherwise it will affect its viscosity. For example, the lime wall can only be used once, and then the dust is useless.

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