10 Uses For Fiberglass Window Screens 1

Jan. 21, 2019

Don't throw away those old Fiberglass Window Screens just yet. Here are some ways to reuse them. If replacing yours this summer left you with extra fiberglass material, don't just scrap it. Instead, tailor it to these new purposes.

1. Protect Newly Seeded Grass

Cease hungry birds out of penetrating the seeds that you planted at a bare place of lawn by covering it with a patch of display. Tack it in place with a couple long claws; eliminate them after the blades sprout.

2. Prevent Drain Clogs

Wad up some screen scraps and tuck them into a utility sink's drain to keep debris from slipping through.

3. Scrub Your Skin Clean

Gently rub a length of Fiberglass Screen over hands to scrape away dried-on paint.

4. Sift Unmixed Grout

Use a piece of Fiberglass Fly Screen as a sieve to uncake powdered grout and remove any lumps before mixing with water.

5. Dry Herbs

Staple mesh to a wood frame to make a platform for drying fresh sprigs. Place the frame wood-side down so air flows beneath the Window Screen Mesh.

Fiberglass Window Screens

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