Experts Teach You How To Choose A Good Screen 1

May. 17, 2019

There are many kinds of screens, and there are many screens, but the price and quality are very different. How to choose high-quality screens depends on how to choose. However, the screens on the market are quite mixed. How to buy screens and screen doors with good quality and suitable price is very particular. As a Fiberglass Fly Screen Manufacturer, we have summarized a few suggestions.

First, look at the screen

Look at the quality of Fiberglass Insect Mesh, depending on whether its eye hole is even. The shape of the holes is neat and there is no significant difference in size.

Second, look at the structure

Fiberglass Insect Mesh is easy to open and easy to use. But in addition to opening and closing, the core is the sealing performance is good, when closed, fully enclosed, no gaps, and beautiful and elegant, does not take up space.

Fiberglass Insect Mesh

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