What Influence The Tearing Strength Of Plain Weave Window Screens?

Feb. 19, 2019

There are 3 main elements that affect Fiberglass Plain Weave Screen' tearing strength significantly: fiber reinforced materials, matrix substances along with the mix of both of these parts.

The impact of fiber reinforced materials on plain weave window screens' tearing strength

Diameter of yarn and twist inserted
Fiberglass Window Screen with fine diameter, high twist inserted and high density, has poor permeability of coated PVC resin. On the contrary, low twist inserted which causes poor saturation will make the center position of the coated yarn be offset and have effect on coating. In order to improve the appearance and chromatic aberration of plain woven screen, many production enterprises generally increase the thickness of coated resin and reduce the number of fiber. By doing this, the content of fiberglass can be reduced and plain weave window screens' tearing strength can be enhanced.

Fiberglass Plain Weave Screen

Fiberglass Screen with high solid content often become sticky in summer. Due to low technical level, some window screen production enterprises usually reduce the content of fiber size to solve this problem. Therefore, the lack of soft and lubricated parts of fiberglass yarn cause poor wear resistance and processing performance, thus, affecting Fiberglass Insect Screen' tearing strength. In addition, the content of coupling agent in size directly influence interfacial strength, transfer effect and the combination of paste resin and fiberglass, then influence plain weave window screens' tearing strength.

The impact of matrix materials on Fiberglass Patio Screen' tearing strength

When not add or add little grease, paste resin has poor lubricity which damage the fiber during single coated processing. Besides, enterprises, in order to reduce costs or meet some functional needs, add a large variety of fillings and resin with large particle. In the shrinking space of molds, the reflux of fillings and resin with large particle will increase the friction and cutting force of fibers and molds and damage fibers directly, then influence plain weave window screens' tearing strength.

The quality of paste resin and added plasticizer influence plain weave window screens' tearing strength directly. Usually, low-grade resin and plasticizer will cause poor combination of paste film and fiber, which can not strengthen and protect fiber. Fiberglass Porch Screen should be kept in a closed environment, otherwise plastic will appear aging and micro-crack phenomenon and moisture will intrusion into fibers, causing tearing performance degradation.

Fiberglass Plain Weave Screen


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