How To Install A Fiberglass Porch Screen?

Mar. 18, 2019

The traditional way of screening a porch has pretty much remained the same same for a hundred years. That is unfortunate, as it is a flawed system. Small tacks or staples are used to attach the screening into the porch railings and posts. Then, narrow wood battens are nailed up to conceal of the seams and fasteners.

It's a labor-intensive method, and screens installed this way typically develop noticeable sags after just a few months. Plus, when it's necessary to replace a damaged Fiberglass Porch Screen or fix a sagging one, you must remove several battens and yank out about a million fasteners.

Fiberglass Porch Screen

Fiberglass Window Screen Mesh manufacturer tell you several methods to install the screen as the following.

1. Remove the Wood Battens

2. Remove Old Screening

3. Install Vertical Base Strips

4. Trim the Base Strips

5. Install the Screening

6. Trim Away Excess

7. Reinforce the Bottom Fiberglass Screen (optional)

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