How To Keep Fiberglass Doors From Warping?

Mar. 22, 2019

Compared to steel and wood doors, Fiberglass Door Screen offer a low-maintenance alternative that resists dents, scratches, rotting and rusting. While the material typically resists warping as well, long-term exposure to the outdoor environment might cause warped or cracked doors in some cases. Maintaining your Fiberglass Window Screen warp-free wants a mix of prevention and normal upkeep.

Fiberglass Door Screen

Extreme heat acts as a key culprit in warping fiberglass. To lessen your chances of a warped door, avoid installing doors that directly face harsh southern or western sun exposures, if possible.

To reduce the effects of sun exposure, apply spray-on marine wax -- available at home improvement and automotive stores -- to your Fiberglass Screen at least once per year. 

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