The Differences Between Nylon Window Screen and Plastic Window Screen

Aug. 28, 2019

As a Fiberglass Window Screen Mesh Supplier, let's talk about the difference between nylon screens and plastic screens.

Nylon screens are also a type of plastic screens, and another type of plastic screens are polyethylene screens.

Plastic screen material: high-density polyethylene, recycled plastic, recycled and mixed plastic screens. According to the weaving method, it is divided into two categories: plain weave and twist weave.

(1) Plain woven plastic window screen

(2) twisted plastic window screen

Winch plastic window screen: double warp, single weft, two warp plastic yarn wrapped by a weft woven, fine wire diameter, less material.

Flat-woven plastic window screen: single warp, single weft, thick plastic wire, uniform mesh, beautiful appearance, is an alternative to Fiberglass Insect Screen.

Fiberglass Insect Screen

Fiberglass Insect Screen

Common specifications:

(1) Nets: 14 mesh, 16 mesh, 18 mesh, 20 mesh, 22 mesh, 24 mesh

(2) Wire diameter: 0.18mm~0.40mm

(3) Width: 50cm~280cm

(4)Material: high-density polyethylene, recycled plastic, recycled and pure mixed materials

(5) Color: Common colors are white, green, yellow, red (customizable special colors)

Nylon screens, also known as nylon nets, are framed gauze mounted on doors and windows or outside doors and windows. These screens are widely used indoors and windows and corridors to prevent small insects and mosquitoes from flying into the room.

Nylon screens are mostly made of nylon, common white, green and blue.

Nylon screen color: various colors, common white, blue, green.

Nylon screen material: low-pressure high-density polyethylene (5000S) wire.

Use of nylon screens: civil construction, fly and mosquito prevention. Because nylon screens are cheap, they are favored by customers.

Nylon screen weaving and features: flat weave, lightweight, beautiful appearance, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, air permeability, easy to clean, lightweight, low price and so on.

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