What Should We Pay Attention To In The Application Of Insect Control Net?

Dec. 07, 2019

Fiberglass Insect Screen manufacturer shares with you.

Microjet cooling. Although insect control net can cool down, but when the temperature is higher, the temperature inside the net, the ground temperature is about 1℃ higher than outside the net, bring certain influence to vegetable production. Therefore, when the temperature is particularly high from June to August, water supply can be increased through the micro-jet system to maintain the network humidity, in order to cool down.

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Insecticidal treatment should be carried out before covering. Seeds, soil, plastic sheds, or greenhouse skeletons and shelving materials may contain pests and eggs. Before planting vegetables, the seeds, soil, shed skeleton and frame must be treated with insecticidal treatment, which is the key to ensure the effect of insect-proof net coverage.

Strengthen daily management. One is to enter and exit greenhouse greenhouses to close the door, before agricultural operations to sterilize the relevant utensils, to prevent the introduction of viruses, in order to ensure the use of insect control net effect; The second is to often check whether there is a tear in the insect control network, once found should be timely repair, to ensure that there is no invasion of greenhouse pests.

Pay attention to the selection of heat - resistant vegetables resistant to disease. Insect control net is mainly used for summer and autumn cabbage, cabbage, cauliflower and jacket fruits, melons and other vegetables cover cultivation. When the temperature of the white insect-proof net is higher, the temperature inside the net is about 1℃ higher than that outside the net, and the relative humidity of the air is about 5% higher than that in the open field, which has a certain influence on the growth of vegetables. Accordingly, vegetable breed should choose the breed that is able to bear wet-proof heat to resist disease.

Proper use and storage. Check the damage of insect control net at any time, timely plug the loopholes and gaps. In case of high wind weather, the need to pull the pressure net line, to prevent the wind will open the net. After the end of the use of pest control net in the field, it should be timely received, washed, dried, rolled up for storage, in order to extend its service life, reduce the cost of use.

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