What Should I Pay Attention to Before and After the Insect Screen?

Mar. 28, 2020

In greenhouses, it is effective to protect insect nets from insects and diseases, and it can also regulate the temperature and soil calmness and humidity, which has many benefits. However, if the protection is not good, not only will not be able to achieve the expected results, there will be opportunities to help them. Therefore, the above matters before and after protecting the insect net cannot be neglected. Our company provides fiberglass insect screen mesh.

1. Before harvesting or planting, use low-temperature shacks or spray low-toxic pesticides to kill parasite pupae and larvae in the soil.

2. When planting, seedlings should be brought into the shed with good medicine, and healthy plants that are free of diseases and pests will be selected.

3. Strengthen daily management. The shed door must be closed when entering and exiting the greenhouse, and the related utensils must be sterilized and sterilized to prevent the introduction of viruses to ensure the results of the insect net before the operation of curbing.

Fiberglass Insect Screen Mesh

4. It is necessary to constantly reflect whether the insect-proof net has a tear, and if it is found, it should be repaired in real-time to ensure that harmful insects in the greenhouse can invade.

5. Ensure the quality of protection. Insect nets must be completely blocked and protected, compacted with soil around them, and fixed with sturdy film lines. Doors that enter and exit large, middle sheds and greenhouses must be equipped with insect nets, and are expected to be closed immediately when entering and exiting. In the small arch shed, the insect nets should be protected and cultivated. The height of the scaffold should be clearly higher than the crops, to prevent the vegetable leaves from clinging to the insect nets, to prevent beneficial insects from eating outside or laying eggs on the vegetable leaves. The insect-proof nets used to block the air vents must not have cracks between them and the bright crickets, so as to avoid leaving the insects in and out of the passage.

6. Comprehensive supporting measures. In addition to the protection of insect nets, the comprehensive supporting methods including inferior pests and heat-resistant inferior species, non-pollution package fertilizer Jiamei profit, Jinli, profit, biological pesticides, non-purified water sources, micro-spray micro-irrigation, etc. You can get better results.

7. Proper use and storage. After the insect net is used in the field, it should be collected in real-time, washed, blow-dried, and rolled up to extend the service life and add economic benefits.

The above information is provided by a fiberglass mesh screen factory.

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