Precautions For Fiberglass Insect Screen Applications

Nov. 20, 2019

In agricultural production, insect-proof nets have the effect of blocking pests, preventing diseases (especially virus diseases), regulating temperature, soil temperature and humidity, and shading. However, if it is not used properly, it will not be able to play a corresponding role. The China Insect Screen Manufacturer will share some of the considerations with you.

Insect Screen


Choose the right fiberglass insect screen. In the number of items, the number of items is too small, the mesh slant large, less than the due effect of insect control; If the number of eyes is too much, the mesh is too small, although it can prevent insects, poor ventilation, resulting in high temperature, too much shading, is not conducive to crop growth. Generally speaking, the appropriate anti-insect mesh aperture for 20-25 mesh, wire diameter 14-18 mm, width in 1.0-3.6 meters, mainly white. If you want to strengthen the anti-insect net shading effect, you can choose the silver-gray and black anti-insect net, the silver-gray anti-insect net to aphid avoidance effect is better.

Full coverage is implemented. Insect Screen shading is not much, do not need to cover the day or night or clear cover, to cover the whole growth period, until the harvest is not uncovered net, do not give insect invasion opportunities. The cover of the canopy can be directly covered in the pest net on the scaffolding, with soil or brick compaction around, the network with pressure cable pressure, in case of strong wind lift net. In addition, the arch height of small arch shed should be higher than the height of vegetable crops when it is covered, so as to avoid the leaves sticking to the anti-insect net and prevent the pests outside the net from feeding on the leaves and laying eggs. The anti-pest net used for closing the vent port should not leave gaps between it and the transparent cover, so as not to leave access for pests.

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