How To Measure A Window For Your Precise Fiberglass Window Screen?

Jul. 19, 2018

Obtaining precise measurements for your screens is remarkably important for obvious reasons -- a display which is too large on your window will not match and a screen that's too little won't retain the insect pests outside.

Measuring When You've Got a Display

Whenever you have the first window display frame, you can just measure it to find the dimensions for your brand new display. Quantify the brief side after which the lengthy run. Quantify each side to the nearest 1/16 of an inch. But what can you do if you do not have the first display. That is where things become a bit more complex.

Assessing Your Window

The initial step in measuring your window to get a new display will be to understand what sort of window you've got. Most windows can be measured the exact same way, but specific kinds of windows have to be handled differently. Windows that Require special Therapy include:

 1. Slider Cabinets

 2. Cross brace or colonial design windows

 3. Windows with twist mounted solar displays

 4. Windows necessitating brick clips

To begin with, you want to discover the lip of the window display channel at the bottom horizontal part of your window. As soon as you've discovered the lip, step until the station over.

Next, measure the flat screen station. Subtract and ⅛ of an inch in the final dimension.

And enjoy that, you've got your measurements for your replacement window display!

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