The Many Benefits Of Removing Window Screens During The Winter

Mar. 14, 2019

With the coming winter season, homeowners often ask us"should I be removing and storing my Window Screen Mesh for winter?" The answer for many would be yes. Those who enjoy opening your windows during winter might want to maintain your display into avoid snow from coming from. For everybody else, we advocate storing & removing your window displays throughout winter for a lot of reasons.

Window Screen Mesh

1. If your home is still outfitted with single pane windows, you should definitely remove your screens and replace them with storm windows to create more of a barrier against the harsh winters. Single pane windows are not very efficient - the extra thermal barrier of a storm window will help you keep the warm air indoors.

2. Removing your Fiberglass Window Screen will prevent snow from getting trapped between the screen and the window. In a snowstorm, it’s possible for snow and/or ice to get caught and cause damage to your window, your sill and even to your Fiberglass Screen.

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