Introduction Of The Method Of Sticking Glass Fiber Mesh Cloth 2

Apr. 27, 2019

As a Fiberglass Window Screen Mesh Manufacturer, we continue to share the method of bonding glass fiber mesh.

12. After scraping the polymer mortar, the net should be placed on it. The curved surface of the mesh is facing the wall, and the flat coating is applied from the center to the periphery. The mesh is embedded in the polymer mortar, and the mesh should not be wrinkled. After the surface is dry, apply a layer of polymer mortar on it with a thickness of 1.0 mm. The mesh should not be exposed.

13. The length of the lap joint around the mesh cloth shall not be less than 70mm. In the part to be cut, the patchwork shall be used for lap joint, and the lap length shall not be less than 70mm.

14. The surrounding layer of the door and window should be made of reinforcement layer. The reinforcement layer mesh is attached to the innermost side. If the distance between the skin of the door and window frame and the surface of the base wall is greater than 50mm, the mesh cloth is pasted with the base wall. If it is less than 50mm, it needs to be turned over. The mesh cloth laid on the large wall should be embedded in the outside of the door and window frame.

Fiberglass Net

15. At the four corners of the door window, after the standard net is applied, cover a 200mm×300mm standard net at the corners of the door window, and place it at a 90-degree angle with the window bisector, and stick it on the outermost side to strengthen; A piece of 200mm long, wide-width window width standard is attached to the inner corner of the corner.

16. Below the window sill, in order to prevent the damage caused by the impact, the reinforced mesh should be placed first, and then the standard mesh should be placed. Strengthen the mesh cloth to answer.

17. The construction method for placing the reinforcement layer is the same as that of the standard type mesh.

18. The mesh cloth pasted on the wall should be covered on the overturned mesh cloth.

19. Fiberglass Net is applied from top to bottom. Synchronous construction is applied first with a reinforced mesh and then with a standard mesh.

20. After the Fiberglass Net is glued, it should prevent the rain from scouring or impacting. The angle of the collision is easy. The doors and windows should take protective measures. The feeding parts should be protected against pollution. Surface damage or pollution must be dealt with immediately.

21. After the construction, the protective layer should not be exposed to rain within 4 hours.

22. After the protective layer is finally set, it should be sprayed and maintained in time. The average temperature of day and night is not less than 48 hours when it is higher than 15 °C, and not less than 72 hours when it is lower than 15 °C.

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