The Secret Of Window Screen Mesh Selection

Dec. 13, 2019

You can choose according to your needs. There are roughly three types of screens on the market: fixed screens, casement screens, and invisible screens. Window Screen Manufacturer shares with you.

Fixed screens As the name suggests, screen fans are fixed on windows; flat screens, fixed screens are screens that can be opened or flattened. These two kinds of screens are fixed and relatively simple in structure, and easy to disassemble and disassemble. If cleaning is required, the screens can be removed for cleaning. For owners who live on high floors and rarely need to open the screens, fixed screens are a better choice.

Invisible Window Screen refers to the screens that can be rolled back into the screens. The invisible screens are not really invisible. The frame is tightly attached to the window frame and has the function of an ordinary screen. The screen is automatically rolled back into the screen when not in use, which does not affect the beauty of the window, so it is called an invisible screen. Compared with fixed screens and flat screens, this product feels more beautiful, but its life is not long, and its plastic parts are easy to age.

Fiberglass Window Insect Screen

Various factors such as proximate matter and gauze need to be considered when selecting. The life of screens has a lot to do with its quality.


The proximate matter of the screen window is divided into plastic steel and aluminum alloy. At present, the so-called plastic steel used by some screens is actually only PVC profiles. Short service life. Aluminum alloy profiles do not have this problem. The wall thickness of a good aluminum alloy window profile must be more than 0.7 mm. Consumers can press and shake with their hands when choosing, and feel the hardness of the profile. It is better not to be soft.


Fiberglass Window Insect Screen has a certain flame retardant effect, strong anti-aging ability, strong weather resistance, and there are many kinds of gauze materials. And the physical properties change little. At present, most screens use this material; stainless steel has the characteristics of plastic deformation. Once the deformation cannot be restored, and the cavity is large, the anti-mosquito effect is not good. There will be burrs after the screen is cut, which is easy to cause Accidental injury; plastic material is not weather-resistant and easy to age, so it is generally not recommended.

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