What Are The Types And Styles Of Window Screens?

Nov. 28, 2019

When a lot of people install screen window in the home, arrive building materials city or just discover on the net prevent mosquito screen kind is all sorts of multifarious. When oneself goes to choose a screen window completely resembles a layman, be cheated easily by a few unscrupulous businessmen, spent the low-end goods of big price installation, produce a lot of unnecessary trouble in the future.

Today, China window screen mesh Supplier will share with you the types of screens, and the names of the screens corresponding to the glass windows. Screens are screens that can be opened when the windows need to be ventilated to block the screens of mosquitoes and flies. People's living standards continue to improve. The higher the building, the higher the requirements for screen functions. From anti-mosquito, mouse, pet, child safety, anti-falling objects, protection, thief and anti-theft, to anti-fog, dust and so on.

The open way of window basically has inward opening window, outside open window, push-pull window to wait.

Custom Fiberglass Window Screen

Inward opening window

The window opens the window screen to install in the window outside, the window screen is installed after closing the window generally can't see the window screen. The use frequency of the screen window is low, to screen window appearance, the quality requirement is not high.

Window screen style corresponding to the inward opening window:

Anti-mosquito window screen series are: invisible screen, folding invisible screen, fixed window screen, removable screen, frame screen, outside screen, inside the screen, magnetic soft screen, magic paste screen and so on;

The series of protective window screens include invisible protective rod integrated screens, detachable protective screens, child-proof screens, magnetic screens with protective rods, high-level protective screens, diamond nets outside the casement screens, diamond nets outside the casement screens, diamonds frame screens, etc.

Anti-theft screen series: detachable anti-theft screen, invisible anti-theft window, middle frame anti-theft screen of the diamond net frame, diamond net flat opening anti-theft screen, etc;

Other Custom Fiberglass Window Screen: dustproof screen window, anti-haze screen window, anti-pollen screen window and so on.

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