Tips On Invisible Screen Cleaning

Dec. 25, 2019

In-home decoration, many people like to use an invisible screen, but it is difficult to clean the invisible screen. In the past, it was difficult to clean the dust on the surface of the screen with single-sided wool strip, and it was difficult to clean the dust on the screen surface and the fluffy live yarn head (i.e. easy to remove and wash the yarn box directly) which brought the user safety risks and troubles. Next, the China Insect Screen manufacturer will introduce the unique skills of invisible screen window cleaning.

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1. Wash with a spout

Experienced personage introduces the method of washing a screen window with spray kettle, the effect is good, can imitate. Use a water spray bottle while spraying water and clean with a rag, but it's better to use a water spray bottle with high pressure so that the impact force of water is greater and the dirt is easier to wash out. If the screen can be removed, it can also be washed by the showerhead. Inspired by the strong spray kettle, some housewives want to use the pressure water guns to clean screen windows. According to the feedback of users, the cleaning effect is very good.

2. Sponge cleaning

The sponge can be used to wet (a small amount of water) wipe screen window, easier to clean.

3. Drag and wipe

Some invisible screens, even if they can be removed, are very laborious. Most people will pull all the invisible screens down and try to clean them. It's better to clean them directly on the windows. Screens are not easy to clean. Actually, there is a good way. You may as well try it. The screen window is not completely put down, but pulled out a little bit and wiped a little bit. In this way, the dishcloth is always at the root of the screen window, and the dust can be easily wiped out with strength.

4. Clean with wet newspaper

Use the old newspaper at home to clean the screen window. Wet the newspaper and stick it on the screen window, remove it after drying, then stick a new soaked newspaper, repeat several times, and clean the screen window.

5. Clean with vacuum cleaner

Some people use vacuum cleaner to clean screen windows. The method is simple and practical. Put a newspaper outside the screen window. It's better to fix the newspaper with the glass window outside the screen window. Don't let the newspaper run around. If you can't, just hold it with your hands. Then use the vacuum cleaner to cling to the screen window, and suck the dust and dirt out of it. The advantage of this method is that it is convenient and clean without water, which can ensure the dryness of the floor.

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