What Kind of Window Screen Is Good

Mar. 26, 2020

Window screen is gauze to make essentially, but this kind of material is qualitative also cent is very much kind, when buying, the owner also is facing a choice, window screen what material is qualitative good? 

1. Textile

The textile window screen material is basically made of chemical fiber, it is a very thin cloth or a very thin yarn. Textile class window gauze material is qualitative compare lightsome, it is general and curtain cloth photograph is tie-in, let a person look like to have not, very hazy and romantic. The textile window screen material can be divided into the fiber, cloth, hemp, and other types. But from its production process up the window screen material, it can be divided into textile window screen material dyeing and jacquard and other types. So many kinds are no doubt to meet the market demand, but also to provide consumers with a lot of choices.

2. Nylon

Nylon window screens are made of low - pressure and high - density polyethylene yarn woven in plain fabric. Nylon window screen material it's relatively light can withstand acid, can also withstand alkali, but also has the characteristics of wind and corrosion resistance. In addition, the characteristic color of nylon window screen material is also very much, there are mainly white green, blue three kinds. In addition, the use of nylon screen material is still relatively extensive, it is used indoors and windows and some corridors and other places. Because it can prevent insects and mosquitoes. Because the price of nylon window screen material is cheaper in addition, it is popular among consumers.

glass fiber window screen

3. Metal

The color of metal window screen material mainly includes black and gray. The metal window screen material is woven by a special process of metal wire. Metal kind of window screen material is through the plain weave weaving method programming, this kind of window screen material it is relatively green environmental protection, and metal window screen material to see the service life is generally relatively long, in addition, metal window screen material it also has the role of fire and flame retardant. In addition, metal window screen material has the effect of fighting against moisture and static electricity.

4. Glass fiber

The last kind of window screen material introduced at the end is glass fiber window screen. This kind of window screen material is mainly made of glass fiber and PVC. Glass fiber class window screen material is the glass fiber through a single wire coated plastic flatweave, and then through the heat refinalize the design of glass fiber class window screen material. This kind of window screen material is also a long service life comparison, and then the window screen material comparison of environmental protection, no poison no smell.

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