Which Mosquito Netting Is Better?

Nov. 20, 2018

At present, the Mosquito Netting on the market mainly include: magnetic screens, Retractable Window Screen, Move the window, detachable screens, push-up screens, etc. So which kind of mosquito screens are better? The following Window Screen Manufacturer list their advantages and disadvantages one by one, you may wish to take a look.

1. Retractable Window Screen

Advantages: Suitable for all window types, invisible and easy to switch.

Disadvantages: high maintenance, not easy to clean, high cost, poor replacement of gauze, poor sealing, will destroy the original window type

1. Move the window

Advantages: low maintenance, cost is relatively cheaper than folding screens, although it can be removed for cleaning but not convenient.

Disadvantages: It is only suitable for installation on the moving window. It is not easy to change the gauze. The sealing effect is not good.

2. Detachable screens

Advantages: Invisible for a variety of window types

Disadvantages: high maintenance, it is not easy to change the gauze, the cost is high, occupying a certain window frame position, can not be taken down in winter, will break the original window type.

4. Push-up screen

Advantages: It is convenient to clean, suitable for window opening and sealing. The switch window is convenient, the product is beautiful, and the maintenance is low.

Disadvantages: the cost is too high, it is not easy to change the gauze

Regarding which kind of mosquito screens are better, Superstar Fiberglass introduces the advantages and disadvantages of various Fiberglass Insect Screen. I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of Mosquito Netting, and I hope that everyone can choose the one that suits them.

Mosquito Netting

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