Why Install Window Screen Mesh On The Window?

Nov. 23, 2018

In summer, there are many mosquitoes. If you want to be closed and ventilated, how should you prevent mosquitoes from entering the room? Then you need a Window Screen Mesh. The first thing to know about the performance of the screen is that a good screen selection is crucial. First of all, it is the first choice for high-end office buildings, residential buildings and various buildings, livestock farms, orchards. So what are the benefits of the window screening? Here are a few reasons why Fiberglass Insect Screen Manufacturer summarizes.

1. Sunscreen, high strength and toughness, can avoid some problems caused by sunburn.

2. Anti-mosquito, in addition to the basic use of ordinary mosquitoes and insects, can also prevent a small place in a humid place.

3. Fireproof, high temperature resistant, flame retardant, the current buildings have fire protection facilities, but the general nylon screens can not be fireproof, and the Fiberglass Invisible Screen can meet the basic fire protection requirements.

4. Breathable, light-transmissive, the surface of this product is bright and beautiful, which can better increase the air circulation rate and the sunlight of the ordinary nylon window screen.

Window Screen Mesh

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