Do You Really Buy Insect Nets 2?

Jan. 09, 2020

At present, many farmers use 30-mesh insect-proof nets, while some farmers use 60-mesh insect-proof nets. At the same time, the colors of insect-proof nets used by farmers are black, brown, white, silver, and blue. So what kind of insect-proof nets are suitable? Fiberglass net factory shares with you.

First of all, according to the pests to be prevented, reasonable selection of insect nets. For example, many pests begin to move into the shed in autumn, especially some moth and butterfly pests. Due to their large size, vegetable farmers can use insect nets with relatively small meshes, such as 30-60 mesh insect nets. However, if there are more weeds and whiteflies outside the shed, we should prevent them from entering through the holes of the insect net according to the smaller size of the whiteflies.

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Second, choose different colors of insect nets according to different needs. Because thrips have a strong tendency to blue, the use of blue insect nets can easily attract thrips outside the shed. Once the insect nets are not sufficiently covered, a large number of thrips will enter the shed and cause harm; Use a white insect screen, this phenomenon will not occur in the greenhouse, and when used in conjunction with the shade net, it is better to choose white. Another silver-gray insect net has a good repellent effect on aphids. The black insect net has a significant shading effect, and it is not suitable for use in winter and cloudy days. You can choose according to the actual user needs.

Generally, in spring and autumn, compared with summer, the temperature is relatively low and the light is weak. White insect nets should be used. In the summer, in order to take into account the shading and cooling, black or silver-gray insect nets should be used. In areas where aphids and virus diseases are severe, To avoid aphids and prevent virus diseases, silver-grey insect nets should be used.

Thirdly, when selecting insect nets, pay attention to check whether the insect nets are complete. Some farmers report that many insect-proof nets that they just bought have broken holes, so they remind vegetable farmers to expand the insect-proof nets when buying and check whether the insect-proof nets have holes.

However, it is recommended that when used alone, brown and silver-gray should be selected, and when used with shade nets, silver-gray and white are better. The mesh size is generally 40-60 mesh.

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